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Upholstery Cleaning

Your family sits on it, lays on it and in some cases sleeps on it, upholstery can and should be cleaned regularly. Bestway has a great team of experienced professionals who have worked with numerous types of fabrics and stains during the course of the years. Below we’ve listed a few of the main upholstery fabrics we’ve cleaned in the past.


Upholstery Cleaning for:

LeatherVelvet Coverings
Embroidered FabricsWool
Suede or MicrosuedeRayon
Denim MaterialSilk


If you have a different type of upholstery not listed above, call and ask. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, we are confident in saying we can clean any material that is on your furniture. We are equipped to do the type of cleaning that best suits the condition of your fabrics.

The team at Bestway takes care in all the cleaning work we do. If you have a delicate fabric, we know it needs to have a more gentle touch. In addition, we also use environmental friendly cleaning and sanitizing solutions for all our jobs. Put your mind at ease knowing that your family and pets are safe with all the products we use.

Some helpful hints to keeping your furniture looking its best:

  • When possible, rotate cushions for long-term, even wear
  • Vacuum furniture regularly to prevent dust and soil from embedding in the material
  • For best results blot and dry spills immediately
  • Call Bestway for a thorough cleaning of your furniture