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Carpet Restretching

Carpet is a nice touch to any home because it adds warmth and coziness to any room. And if it’s the plush, pile type of carpet, it feels delightful underfoot. After time though, all carpeting can take a beating. While it could still be in great condition, you might start seeing some buckling or bunching throughout the room, the carpeting might be moving around when you move furniture, or perhaps even just part of the carpet is coming up in certain areas.

These issues need to be addressed because a loose and buckled carpet can wear out twice as fast as a carpet that is properly installed. Fortunately, carpet can be stretched back out (carpet restretching) to form the taught platform it once held upon first installation. The technicians at Bestway are equipped and knowledgeable with the carpet restretching process. After a brief survey of the area that needs to be worked on, our team is able to quickly determine the best method of repairing the situation.


Useful Information to Provide Us With:

  • How old and what kind of shape is your carpeting in?
  • How large is the area that needs to be restretched?
  • Is the area furnished and are the furnishings moveable?


The more details we can collect from you over the phone, the better picture we’ll have of what type of job it will be. All of our technicians come prepared with all the right tools, equipment and manpower. Carpet restretching can be a rather intense job at times due to the nature of work. But our team is ready to take on any project that comes our way and we are able to get the job done in most cases for a fraction of the price of carpet replacement. Don’t put off getting that tripping hazard under control, call the experts at Bestway today.